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Sustainable Living

The Zero Waste Lifestyle

Fashionably Kind  speaks to Claire Sancelot on the zero waste life Human beings generate tons and tons of waste each year, some more so than others. I know I need to do more in the recycling department, especially when the facilities provided by the authorities are lacking. That aside, I believe there’s much we can still do to live more sustainably and less wastefully. I spoke recently to Claire Sancelot, who’s a shining example of how sustainability can truly be integrated into our daily lives, even if we live in parts of the city (or country) that don’t have recycling facilities. Sancelot, who is founder of the Zero Waste Kuala Lumpur movement, is also owner of The Hive, a neighbourhood co-operative in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, which sells all kinds of foods in bulk (as a lot of packaging ends up being waste), preloved clothes, as well as organic cosmetics (more on The Hive later in this article). According to Sancelot, she has been living the zero waste lifestyle since 2010, when her first child was born. “My husband and I, we’ve always been kind of greenish in the sense we’re into recycling, refusing bottled water or shopping bags at the […]

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