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E-Book Review: 6 Steps To A Sustainable Wardrobe

Insights into Tortoise & Lady Grey writer Summer Edwards’ guide to a sustainable wardrobe When I began my sustainable fashion journey, I spent a lot of time reading other, more established sustainable fashion blogs. One of them was Tortoise & Lady Grey, which was founded by Summer Edwards. Edwards has written an e-book called 6 Steps To A Sustainable Wardrobe, which is available here. The e-book costs US$18 and I purchased it because I knew I needed help to revamp my wardrobe and purchasing habits. I wanted my wardrobe and lifestyle to be more sustainable, hence I jumped in and invested in Edwards’ e-book and accompanying workbook. I found that I liked the e-book from the very start. On page four, Edwards writes: “Sustainable fashion is a journey. A series of small changes to your lifestyle that will add up over time. All you need to do is take the first step.” These words resonated deeply within me and I knew at that moment that I would like the rest of the e-book. Edwards encourages readers to understand their relationship to fashion and shopping early on in her book. At one point, she encourages them to ask themselves a series of […]

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