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December 2017

Brand Of The Month, Slow Fashion Finds

Brand Of The Month: Nukleus

Ethical underwear producer believes in doing the right thing Although Nukleus founder and chief executive officer Tan Cheng Woi has a background in investment banking, financial gain is not the primary reason behind his ethical underwear brand Nukleus. In a recent interview with Fashionably Kind, Tan spoke feelingly of the reasons he started the ethical underwear brand. “Underwear are items very close to the body that we wear for long periods of time. So if you look at it not just from the eco or social point of view, it is also very important from the health perspective. We are talking about something that is free of toxic chemicals and harmful substances. This offers more compelling reasons for consumers to consider switching to sustainable and ethical underwear,” he said via a telephone call from Penang, where the company is based. The challenges of building an ethical brand According to Tan, the concept behind an ethical underwear brand came to fruition in 2010, when the brand officially hit the market. “The market is always flush with brands and more so today than before. The challenge is always real and always present. For us, building a brand is already a challenging enough experience, and […]

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