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July 2017

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The Best Places To Buy Preloved Luxury Bags In Malaysia

Scoop and Glampot are the go-to places for preloved luxury bags   Buying preloved clothes and accessories in Malaysia can be a hassle if you don’t live in the Klang Valley. Hence, most people resort to buying their clothes and accessories cheaply via online means, and these websites aren’t transparent about their supply chains or even who makes the clothes. This is a worrying trend, and things can only change if consumers like you and I educate ourselves on sustainable fashion. At the other end of the spectrum are people who are conscious-minded (at the very least about wastage) and want to make a difference. They also may have cash to burn or desire designer clothes or bags, but can’t afford them brand-new. It’s for this group that I am writing this post. Remember, luxury or designer brands are not necessarily sustainable simply because they cost more. Many of them aren’t transparent about their supply chains or who makes their products, so if you want to buy their products brand-new, think again. Do your conscience (and the environment and exploited workers) a favour and avoid designer brands completely unless they are sustainable and ethical. Scoop     However, if you […]

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