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June 2017

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Breathing new life into the old

  Aspiring ethical fashion brand Batik Tree is bent on reviving the batik craft For Ong Swee Lyn, batik has always been a part of her life. The entrepreneurial lady, who is a descendant of the Baba Nyonya people from Penang, saw a lot of batik during her formative years. “I grew up watching the matriarchs of the family don them on a daily basis and even use them for other things, such as fabric for babies’ cradles because it is breathable. They wore them as sarongs, they also used batik as bedspreads,” she recalls. “It was always at the back of my mind, but it was only last year when I met this particular batik designer, that things came together. She’s a mother of five and comes up with the ideas and lets the batik craftsmen explore. I had never seen these kinds of designs and I decided that we could work together. With my background in PR, I thought with my experience in telling stories, I could help her,” she tells Fashionably Kind in a recent interview. Ong created the Batik Tree brand in September 2016 to market and sell Terengganu batik and has not looked back ever […]

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