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May 2017

Sustainable Style Tips

Five Snazzy Ethical Fashion Magazines For Your Reading List

Style Inspiration From Ethical Fashion Magazines When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I sought style inspiration from fashion magazines such as Cleo, Vogue, Her World and Female. I used to envy the models and their impeccable style, and wonder to myself: “why can’t I look like that?” I reckon that age and maturity have mellowed me in some ways, but I still ache to look like a million dollars every now and then. The only thing that has changed is that I can’t squeeze into a size 1 dress anymore and I have a few grey hairs. I still want to look good every time I step out the front door, but I don’t aspire to have luxury or designer clothing like I did once upon a time. I am more careful about where I shop these days (I only buy pre-loved clothing and the occasional brand-new item from ethical clothing brands) and I take good care of my clothes and accessories so that they last for years to come. I don’t obsess over trends anymore, but I still like looking at pretty clothes and well-put-together outfits, hence I often trawl the Internet for inspiration. During my ‘online […]

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