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Refash Comes to Malaysia

Singapore-founded Refash has launched Malaysian website selling pre-loved women’s clothes Those of you who have been following this blog would know by now that I avoid fast fashion as much as possible. As I write, I am wearing a second-hand sweater, along with store-bought jeans that I’ve had for two years now. On my feet are a pair of Nike’s I had no choice but to get since none of the second-hand stores I frequent sell sneakers. My wardrobe is full of second-hand clothes, and I have a dress or two that I’ve had for more than six years. So I am quite content with my wardrobe at present. However, much as I detest fast fashion, I do love shopping and I do know other women who are in the midst of updating their wardrobe. Hence this post on Refash, which launched a Malaysian website in mid-January. Refash Malaysia sells pre-loved women’s clothes, mostly from fast fashion brands and it’s a good way for you to buy wardrobe staples and then build your wardrobe from there. Yes, in a way it’s supporting fast fashion, but the bigger picture is that Refash is trying to prevent textile wastage by selling pre-loved […]

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