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Six Podcasts About Sustainable Fashion You Need To Listen To


Why podcasts are a good way to learn about sustainable fashion

I’ll be honest with you: prior to starting this blog, I was not a big fan of podcasts. Sure, I would watch YouTube videos and very rarely listen to a podcast from a local business radio station, but these moments were few and far between.

See, I’m a visual person, so I’d rather watch an interview rather than listen to a podcast or a radio interview. Heck, I don’t even listen to the radio anymore because I have my own music playlist to listen to at home or in the car while driving to work. I read my news online and watch media interviews on YouTube, so there’s really no need for the radio.

Or so, I kidded myself. After starting this blog, I realised through online interactions with other bloggers that I was missing out on an important resource about sustainable fashion: podcasts. Through a little Internet research (and some recommendations by fellow bloggers), I actually found a number of podcasts on sustainable fashion. I’d like to share them with you here and hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did.

  1. BFM’s The Bigger Picture featuring Carry Somers of Fashion Revolution
    Remember that local business radio station I was talking about earlier? Well, it’s no other than BFM: The Business Radio Station based here in Petaling Jaya. The station interviewed Carry Somers of Fashion Revolution in October when she was visiting Malaysia. (I recently interviewed Fashion Revolution about The Garment Worker Diaries project, more about that here.)Listen to Carry speak about consumer behaviour and why she advocates ethical fashion in the BFM interview here.
  2. Jackrabbit.FM’s Low Tox Life featuring Hannah Parris (via iTunes)
    Ever wondered what it’s like to build an ethical fashion brand? Listen to Show no#5, which features Hannah Parris, an ethical fashion entrepreneur behind the Australian ethical fashion brand Audrey Blue.
  3. Spirit of 608’s Sustainable Fashion, Social Justice & A Media POV featuring journalist Lisa Hix (via iTunes)
    There are many fashion journalists, but so very few of them write about sustainable fashion and one of them is Lisa Hix, associate editor of Collectors Weekly, a US-based online lifestyle magazine. If you’re a journalist yourself, this interview will make you rethink the way you view the fashion industry.
  4. Conscious Chatter With Kestrel Jenkins’s Episode 39: YouTube, Compassion Fashion + Influencers (via iTunes)
    This channel is a wealth of information on the fashion industry, particularly slow fashion and ethical sustainable fashion. This episode talks about fashion influencers and the potential for doing good and focuses on an interview with American actress Benita Robledo who has a popular YouTube channel called Compassion Fashion.
  5. American Fashion Podcast’s Episode 115: Ecocult’s Sustainability Roundtable
    I may not be a sucker for podcasts, but I do love roundtable discussions and Ecocult founder Alden Wicker moderates a panel of speakers that discuss a wide range of issues facing sustainable fashion designers and manufacturers.
  6. Angles of Lattitude’s Podcast on Sustainable Fashion, Social Innovation and Building A Portfolio Career featuring Summer Edwards (via iTunes)
    If the name Summer Edwards sounds familiar, it should, because she is behind the popular Australian sustainable fashion blog Tortoise and Lady Grey. In this podcast, she talks about sustainable fashion and shares tips on how to build a portfolio career.






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