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December 2016

Brand Of The Month, Slow Fashion Finds

Brand Of The Month: The Batik Boutique

How a friendship between two women spawned an award-winning social enterprise “Love is like a batik created from many emotional colors, it is a fabric whose pattern and brightness may vary.” ― Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of Love. There are many kinds and levels of love, as the above quote suggests, and the same applies to friendship. Rarely however, does an unlikely friendship birth a business, but such was the case for The Batik Boutique (TBB), a Kuala Lumpur-based social enterprise that empowers underprivileged women. “Ana, a single mom, lived in the government-subsidised PPR flats and was teaching me the local language (Bahasa Melayu) and helping part-time with childcare, cooking and cleaning. One afternoon, we were speaking in Bahasa over coffee and Ana shared how her parents needed $60 a month for medicine they could ill afford,” shared Amy Blair, founder and chief executive officer of The Batik Boutique. At the time, Ana was struggling to support her two kids on her own without full-time work, and didn’t have anyone else to turn to. That afternoon, the two women brainstormed how Ana could earn that extra money for her parents. Blair, who had a background in tourism, had noticed […]

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Six Podcasts About Sustainable Fashion You Need To Listen To

  Why podcasts are a good way to learn about sustainable fashion I’ll be honest with you: prior to starting this blog, I was not a big fan of podcasts. Sure, I would watch YouTube videos and very rarely listen to a podcast from a local business radio station, but these moments were few and far between. See, I’m a visual person, so I’d rather watch an interview rather than listen to a podcast or a radio interview. Heck, I don’t even listen to the radio anymore because I have my own music playlist to listen to at home or in the car while driving to work. I read my news online and watch media interviews on YouTube, so there’s really no need for the radio. Or so, I kidded myself. After starting this blog, I realised through online interactions with other bloggers that I was missing out on an important resource about sustainable fashion: podcasts. Through a little Internet research (and some recommendations by fellow bloggers), I actually found a number of podcasts on sustainable fashion. I’d like to share them with you here and hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did. BFM’s The Bigger […]

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