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Breathing new life into the old

  Aspiring ethical fashion brand Batik Tree is bent on reviving the batik craft For Ong Swee Lyn, batik has always been a part of her life. The entrepreneurial lady, who is a descendant of the Baba Nyonya people from Penang, saw a lot of batik during her formative years. “I grew up watching the matriarchs of the family don them on a daily basis and even use them for other things, such as fabric for babies’ cradles because it is breathable. They wore them as sarongs, they also used batik as bedspreads,” she recalls. “It was always at the back of my mind, but it was only last year when I met this particular batik designer, that things came together. She’s a mother of five and comes up with the ideas and lets the batik craftsmen explore. I had never seen these kinds of designs and I decided that we could work together. With my background in PR, I thought with my experience in telling stories, I could help her,” she tells Fashionably Kind in a recent interview. Ong created the Batik Tree brand in September 2016 to market and sell Terengganu batik and has not looked back ever […]

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Sustainable Style Tips

Five Snazzy Ethical Fashion Magazines For Your Reading List

Style Inspiration From Ethical Fashion Magazines When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I sought style inspiration from fashion magazines such as Cleo, Vogue, Her World and Female. I used to envy the models and their impeccable style, and wonder to myself: “why can’t I look like that?” I reckon that age and maturity have mellowed me in some ways, but I still ache to look like a million dollars every now and then. The only thing that has changed is that I can’t squeeze into a size 1 dress anymore and I have a few grey hairs. I still want to look good every time I step out the front door, but I don’t aspire to have luxury or designer clothing like I did once upon a time. I am more careful about where I shop these days (I only buy pre-loved clothing and the occasional brand-new item from ethical clothing brands) and I take good care of my clothes and accessories so that they last for years to come. I don’t obsess over trends anymore, but I still like looking at pretty clothes and well-put-together outfits, hence I often trawl the Internet for inspiration. During my ‘online […]

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Slow Fashion Finds

Six Ethical Fashion Finds For The Consciously Fashionable

Ethical Indian wear is not hard to find, if you know where to look About a month ago, I nearly gave up on this blog. Many of you may have wondered why I haven’t blogged for weeks. The truth was, I was re-evaluating the blog and its direction and I’ve decided to make a few changes to it come May, for the benefits of Fashionably Kind readers. So keep coming back and I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Today, I’d like to pay tribute to a fellow Malaysian who wrote to me a few weeks ago, lamenting that she has been unable to find sources of ethical Asian ethnic wear, particularly ethical Indian wear. So we put our heads together and dug up some resources for ethical Indian wear, which I am listing here for those who have found themselves in a similar predicament. Upasana Studio On its website, Upasana declares its mission is “to create conscious sustainable fashion where we are taking care of our environmental cost and not passing it on to the future.” The brand is also involved in a number of projects to support local communities, which are listed under the Projects tab on its website. […]

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Ethical Fashion News

Refash Comes to Malaysia

Singapore-founded Refash has launched Malaysian website selling pre-loved women’s clothes Those of you who have been following this blog would know by now that I avoid fast fashion as much as possible. As I write, I am wearing a second-hand sweater, along with store-bought jeans that I’ve had for two years now. On my feet are a pair of Nike’s I had no choice but to get since none of the second-hand stores I frequent sell sneakers. My wardrobe is full of second-hand clothes, and I have a dress or two that I’ve had for more than six years. So I am quite content with my wardrobe at present. However, much as I detest fast fashion, I do love shopping and I do know other women who are in the midst of updating their wardrobe. Hence this post on Refash, which launched a Malaysian website in mid-January. Refash Malaysia sells pre-loved women’s clothes, mostly from fast fashion brands and it’s a good way for you to buy wardrobe staples and then build your wardrobe from there. Yes, in a way it’s supporting fast fashion, but the bigger picture is that Refash is trying to prevent textile wastage by selling pre-loved […]

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Everything Else

EthnicKraft To Hold Craft and Dance Workshops In KL

Emerging social enterprise EthnicKraft will be holding workshops in Kuala Lumpur     EthnicKraft co., an emerging social enterprise for independent artisans and craftswomen from Sarawak, is holding two workshops on Feb 25th and 26th. These one-of-a-kind workshops taught by Orang Ulu artisans, are being organised by EthnicKraft co. to raise funds for the DTLJ Education Trust ( or The trust supports efforts to provide tertiary and special education access to the Orang Ulu youth of Baram, Sarawak. There will be two workshops offered, where proceeds will go to the DTLJ Education Trust: Craft Workshop (Sabu Uleng Beading) During the Craft workshop, participants will learn to understand the colours, selection and stringing of beads to make a traditional necklace called the “Sabu Uleng”. In Kenyah, it means “necklace with red pendant”. Dance Workshop (Datun Julud) The Datun Julud Dance workshop teaches participants basic steps and dance patterns that depict a hornbill in flight which will be led by Rose Awing, a veteran choreographer and crafts master, who has experience in conducting workshops and training across Malaysia and overseas. Datun Julud or the long dance by the ladies is traditionally performed to greet returning warriors, as well as to mark the end of the […]

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